Recap of 2020 – only the good stuff.

by Nick Harmon

Lone Sun Builders paves the way

Lone Sun Builders has been producing volume with Fresco Harmony. New custom colors have emerged for their Sandia project in Albuquerque, NM. I caught up with Mason Karnes (owner) on the job and asked him where they were getting their materials and who I should talk to. He steered me to our local L&W Supply . Their Branch manager Ron Welch was open to the possibility of selling Fresco Harmony in their shop.

We got them a kiosk on consignment and they immediately saw a response. Shortly after they signed a retail partner agreement for Fresco Harmony. We set up a training at their facility around early March but our efforts were thwarted. Enter covid 19.

Kiosk at L&W Supply Albuquerque, NM

The nation began a systematic quarantine but Fresco Harmony Services was deemed essential and continued working on many projects through the spring and summer including a very special Vision project just outside Deer Creek CO.

Green Builder Magazine takes notice

In January I had a chance to attend the International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas Nevada. There was a group of New Mexico HBA members meeting there as well. One such builder was Norm Schriefels of Sun Mountain Construction. He helped set up a meeting with Ron Jones, owner of Green Builder Magazine, and myself while we were there . We had a fantastic conversation with Ron and he invited me up to Deer Creek CO to do some Fresco Harmony on his Vision House Mariposa Meadows Project. After my trip here’s what Ron had to say about Fresco Harmony…

Ron Jones, owner and visionary of the Vision House at Mariposa Meadows, chose the product for his off-grid, self-sufficient demonstration project in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. “Fresco Harmony is a beautiful product, he says. “I loved the simplicity of the application process as well as the luminance of the finish once it was on the walls. It also brought out the highlights in the hardwood flooring. It’s one of those new products that comes along that promises wide appeal: It’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and the colors are remarkable.”

Green Builder Magazine made Fresco Harmony an official sponsor of the Vision House Project and they wrote a review of Fresco Harmony. We had a fantastic time hanging out with Ron but we also got to meet their Drywaller too. Bob Osborne took notice of me working on the walls and brought Fresco Harmony back to Gunnison CO. We were also receiving interest from an applicator named John Galterio from Montrose CO. Between the two of these guys mentioning Fresco Harmony around we got the notice of Nick Boyd of The Drywall Supply Yard in Montrose CO and he requested some more information.

Second Retailer in Montrose, CO

Nick Boyd wasted no time in signing our Retail Partner Agreement and begain selling Fresco Harmony. I got to take a trip up to Montrose in November and meet Nick and his team and offer some training. The Drywall Supply Yard sold $5K worth of Fresco Harmony in the first month. I can’t wait to get up there again.

Fresco Harmony in Napa Valley

Also during the summer We received a call from Dave Clark in Napa Valley. His builder, Jim Pitcher of CRC builders, wanted to save some money on the plaster scope of a 26 million dollar home. We had several corispondence back an forth sending custom samples but in the end the clients loved the Fresco Harmony look and cost, Dave Clark doubled his profit margin on that job and CRC Builders have a new product in their arsenal.

Some YouTube video of my hanging out with David in Napa

Napa Valley Home by DC2 Drywall and CRC Builders

In 2021 Fresco harmony is looking to expand our reach by approaching retailers who are in contact with our existing client base. We are committed to making our system the easiest from start to finish. Our goal is to help Drywallers utilize the skills and tools they already possess to reach an untapped market. Builders like CRC now have access to a finish unlike any other on the market. Now, more than ever, drywall professionals have access and resources to help you start living in color today!

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