Common Questions

About Fresco Harmony

What is Fresco Harmony

Fresco Harmony is a colored joint compound system. It is a color additive in a bottle that mixes with one box (3 7 ½ gal) of all purpose joint compound to create perfect color consistency. It costs considerably less than plaster and other specialty surface treatment products and is twice as efficient.  When compared to paint and other common surface applications, it is just as versatile and competitive in price and ease of use.

How did you come up with this?

Magic baby.

How many colors choices are there?

We are currently introducing our Signature Color Series, which is a collection of 40 sophisticated colors.


How do I become a Fresco Harmony reseller?

Great question!  We are interested in talking to you about becoming a Fresco Harmony reseller.  For information on how we can work together, simply introduce yourself by emailing us at info@frescoharmony.com.

How do I become a licensed applicator?

For information about becoming a licensed Fresco Harmony applicator, simply tell us a little bit about yourself by emailing us at info@frescoharmony.com.

Ordering Online

Do I need to register before placing an online order?

You do not need to register when placing an order.  We are currently using Authorize.net for our merchant services.  This increases the protection of your sensitive information such as Credit Card numbers and billing address info.

Do you discount rates based on order quantity?
Our price point is pretty competitive with other solutions out there and so we believe we’re fairly priced whether you’re purchasing 1 bottle or 100 bottles. However, if you’re faced with a large project and want to inquire about a bulk discount, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing info@frescoharmony.com.


Applying Fresco Harmony

What prep work do I need to do to the surface before applying Fresco Harmony?

For most surfaces such as painted walls, wood paneling, or even wall paper it is not necessary to prep the surface first.  For substrates such as brick, cinder block, and other pourous / rigid surfaces, we do recommend applying a preliminary coat of 90 min quickset joint compound prior to Fresco Harmony 3 coat process.


Can you paint over the surface in the future?

Yes you can, but we have a feeling you won’t want to!  In all seriousness though, the surface can be painted over if you decide you want to in the future.


Is it hard to apply?

This depends on your experience level and your familiarity with spreadable mediums.  If you’ve worked with a Hawk and Trowel (drywall, plaster, stucco, brick, etc) you will pick it up very quick.  If not, the advantage to the medium is that it’s efficient and will allow you time to learn.  So no matter your skill level, you can obtain beautify Fresco Harmony walls and surfaces.


What other materials do I need?

For every single Color Pack, you will need one (1) box of 3.5 gal. joint compound and approximately one (1) quart of an acrylic top coat.




Do I need specialized tools?

The tools you will need are a high power drill, mixer, 6” mud knife, Hawk, Trowel, bucket, acrylic sealer, and masking supplies. All of these common tools and supplies can be found at your local hardware store or home improvement center.  There is another list on our step by step page.

What brands do you recommend using with Fresco Harmony?

For joint compound, we recommend Sheetrock brand.  For the top coat, we recommend either Modern Masters Top Coat or Behr Venetian Top Coat.


How many layers do you have to apply?

There are three layers to applying Fresco Harmony; the base coat, 2nd coat, and top coat.  (For surfaces such as brick, cinder block, or stone, it is recommended to apply a preliminary coat of quickset.)  Feel free to ask us any questions you may have at info@frescoharmony.com.


How long does it take each coat to dry?

Dry time may vary depending on humidity and temperature. The colder or more humid a room, the longer each coat will take to dry.   For best results, we always recommend giving each coat 24 hours to dry.  Smaller projects may be able to use a fan to help dry quicker.  It just really depends. Bottom line,  make sure each coat dries completely before applying the next.