Fresco Harmony – The Precipice of Change.

When building your next home and need to choose a wall finish, it’s likely you’ll get two or three choices for a wall finish. If you want to pay a little extra you’ll choose smooth finish or hand texture. If you want to pay a little less you may opt for spray texture. This seems ridiculous in the age of endless choices but that’s reality. In the last 60-70 years there hasn’t been anything new to compete with paint and texture. Well… Not until now. This is the problem Fresco Harmony is solving. 

Would you pay 10% – 15% more upfront to have Fresco Harmony walls? This is the price increase percentage professional builder, Wade Wingfield of Sun Valley Custom Homes, and I, deciphered when we sat down to talk numbers.  He suggested not discussing numbers with other builders because the finish is so affordable! He said, “let the builders figure it out for themselves because they will!” In the last several months we’ve seen 4 different drywall companies completing entire homes with our hang, finish, and Fresco Harmony system. This new trend is forging its way in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Here’s the deal, you back out the price of a normal painted and textured wall and insert Fresco Harmony. The Drywall company assumes responsibility for wall completion and doubles (or triples) their profit while the builder gets gorgeous walls affordably and efficiently! The Drywall company is using the same great tools and materials they’ve been using for years. The remaining additional cost is minor. 

There’s a glitch in the Matrix ~

Affecting change can be an obstacle in construction. It’s not enough that I’m selling a new concept to the builder, but getting the drywall subcontractor on board is a whole different conversation. Asking a Drywaller to try something new is tricky, but we’re up for the challenge. We’ve discovered that the builder is driving the sale. 

It’s happening!

We’ve had a serge of projects where the builder is paying the Drywall company to hang, finish, and Fresco Harmony entire homes. Among those are Sun Valley Custom Homes as stated above, CRC Builders, in Napa Valley, Sun Mountain Construction and EcoTerra to name a few. Because this concept is new, the builder and home owner need reassurance of their Fresco Harmony investment. We’ve developed a unique solution for that too. There’s a disconnect between the application process, training and design choices for the applicant. Fresco Harmony can take the worry out of color choice and quality control.. 

Introducing, The Consultation Agreement:

Fresco Harmony is announcing our consultation agreement as a way to thwart any reservations and ensure quality control during your next project. Hiring a company that is new to Fresco Harmony is the biggest hurdle we face in inserting this new system. During these recent Fresco Harmony projects, we’ve had plenty of questions thrown at us. From durability, to color choice to patching, there’s no issue that we haven’t come across. That’s why our consultation agreement was developed. The most challenging aspect in seeing this concept to fruition is in both application and design. We want to help with that. Drywallers aren’t used to tackling that design conversation and home owners and builders don’t know what to expect. Our consultation agreement helps give you peace of mind and we’ll follow the application process all the way through. We’re not just selling a product, we’re changing the way interior walls are done. By overseeing future projects, and ensuring quality, we’re going to do just that. Let us know how we can help you achieve Fresco Harmony in your next home.

~Nick Harmon

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