Promoting Fresco Harmony

Shifting how we think about walls

Fresco Harmony can add beauty to any new construction home. The biggest challenge I face when promoting the Fresco Harmony system is convincing the client of the impact an accent wall or room can have when finished with Fresco Harmony. One problem I’ve discovered is that there appears to be a preconceived notion of what walls should look like and cost. During the construction phase a drywall contractor is limited with the options they can offer. You can go with smooth finish, hand texture, or spray texture and paint. People automatically associate beautiful walls with high prices. An analogy I often use is granite counter tops. Before granite counter tops were popular, the industry accepted inexpensive laminate or worse. At some point the construction industry shifted and those cheap alternatives were no longer acceptable. Currently, the construction industry is accepting high-end counters as a valuable place to spend money. Why not walls? Yes, granite counter tops are beautiful but they only consume a small amount of visual space. I encourage the client to think about what they might spend on granite counters and invite them to consider how much space they could finish for that same amount of money. Often, that footage adds up to the entire living room. Invariably the client will never skimp out on counters, but this comparison may shift their concept of the impact walls can make. I then add the cost efficiency of using Fresco Harmony and the idea takes root. Why shouldn’t it? I have Fresco Harmony on every wall in my home because there is no comparison between the warm softness of Fresco Harmony and a painted textured wall. The price comparison I make is $1.50 per sq/ft for paint and texture, $3.00 per sq/ft for Fresco Harmony, and $6.00-12.00 per sq/ft for competitive plaster systems. And, I always remind them it doesn’t cost anything to work up a price. You can drive an economy or a luxury car and both will get you there, but it’s the experience you’ll savor long after you reach your destination.

~Nick Harmon

Owner Fresco Harmony

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