FH Question of the Week! 06-18-18

Fresco Harmony questions are a common occurrence.  We like to share these with our audience to keep you up to speed on whats going on.

Q: Hi Nick,

Can you please advise me on what I am doing wrong?

One room turned out well but now I am running into the problem of having dark lines to appear during the second coat. They become even more visible with a top coat application.

I suspected that using aluminum hawk might be the reason but I don’t use it when applying top coat. Today I used stainless steel knife with a top coat and ended up with a dirty looking wall that my wife does not approve.

Any ideas about what I did wrong and how to fix it?

Best regards,
A: What color are you running?  Lighter colors are more finicky.
Yes, I’ve had issues with aluminum trowels before. I like clean blue spring steal and composite Marshalltown hawks.  To fix this you may need to run second coat again and reseal. Sorry to say but I’ve been there. It’s rare that I need to rerun walls but it happens.

Follow up: Good morning and thank you for your prompt response.I am applying Westbrook Tan color and it is light.So, you do agree that the black lines come from metals I use and nothing else. I will look for blue spring steel in Lowe’s. Where do you buy yours?

A: Fresco Harmony can’t guarantee that’s the issue but we think it is. The grey shows up more with the lighter colors.  We recommend 14″ x 4″ Anvil blue steel pool trowel from Home Depot.

Follow up: I have changed the knives and did not have any issues with gray lines today.Finished the bedroom , living room is next!


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    I would like to try your paint

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    I would love to try a sample of your product

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