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The Color Pack is one complete unit that contains a specific Fresco Harmony color formula based on a mixing ration of one (1) bottle (8 fl. oz.) to 3.5 gallon of all purpose joint compound.

Deviation from this ratio or using different joint compound brands  on the same job will result in color inconsistency. In other words, don’t spill it and make sure that ALL the color gets mixed in. Use the same brand of joint compound for your entire project.  If not, color will be inconsistent and warranty void.

One Color Pack will cover approximately 175 – 250 square feet of surface depending on the surface texture applied to. For substrates such as brick, popcorn, cinder block, and tile, a preparation coat using quickset joint compound should be applied first.


The materials calculator is based on the average 200 sq. ft. coverage.

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Additional information

Additional Information

Weight 13.5 oz
Dimensions 2.36 × 2.36 × 4.92 in