Option 1. Custom Color Match

By using a color swatch from a national company like Home Depot or Sherwin Williams Fresco Harmony can cross reference that color and create a custom Color Pack to match the color of your choice.  Once your new color has been created it will be available on our custom color page for future purchase.

Step 1:  Before anything Fresco Harmony needs to check your color to decipher if we can achieve the color you’re looking for. Fresco Harmony will color match (as closely as possible) a swatch number you email to us. Once we have seen your color we will email you and let your know that you are free to order your custom color.

Step 2:  Fresco Harmony will send you back an custom color sample.  If we are unable to match your color, you will be notified by email and your money will be fully refunded.

Step 3:  Fresco Harmony offers one color match per purchase!

Option 2. Custom Color Packs

Having trouble finding that perfect color? Choose from any of our existing custom color packs starting at only $20 per color pack. The more we see a need for more colors not offered in our Signature Color Series, we will be adding custom colors here. So check back often for updates.