Becoming a Fresco Harmony Brand Partner!

You are not just buying a product any more. We are looking for Drywall professionals who are passionate about the trade and want to take their business to the next level. Fresco Harmony is an innovative company that has established a reputation for excellence. Now you have an opportunity to be a part of that brand. Let’s work together to build a legacy.

Q: How will Fresco Harmony work to help transform my business?

A: By taking the drywall skills, knowledge, and tools you already have and creating a sales dynamic that offers 2-4 times as much revenue as drywall?

Q:  How will it do that?

A:  By allowing you to offer something your competition doesn’t…  a value-added proposition to your customers that just doesn’t exist.

Transformative technology…

How does Fresco Harmony add vibrancy to wall surfaces?

  • Have you ever had a client that has requested the texture of their walls be smoothed out?  Now you can achieve that but instead of painting you can replace that ugly texture with Fresco Harmony.  They’ll pay the same price and receive something extraordinary.
  • Ever run into a contractor that would like to offer a few accented walls to their clients?  Now you can assume that responsibility by offering Fresco Harmony on the front end.
  • Joint compound is an efficient medium to work with – because of its texture and ease of use, design capabilities are limitless.
  • Unique versatility of spectacular colors –  developed by designers and clients you’ll appreciate our color spectrum.  Custom colors are available.

Transforming your Business…

If you’re interested in becoming a Fresco Harmony Brand Partner we invite you to check out the information below and let’s begin the conversation today!

Becoming a Fresco Harmony Brand Partner FHBP
Cost: $1,000.00
Expectations and benefits…

Requirements for becoming a Fresco Harmony Brand Partner:
Each company must be licensed, bonded, and insured.
Each company is required to have completed, and been paid for, at least one Fresco Harmony project.
Each Applicant must attend a training provided by Fresco Harmony. The trainings are free and we’ll work with your schedule to set up times that work for everybody.
Each Applicant must pay $1000.00 initial Brand Partnership fee.
Each Applicant must complete a minimum of 5k worth of Fresco Harmony projects per year to retain partnership.
250.00 annual fee for retaining FHBP status. Web membership, discounts, and marketing materials.
Training: Fresco Harmony will offer an 8 hour training session to be done at your convenience. Training must be completed within 6 months of signing up. We want to know who we’re working with. Hosting a training will allow us to get to know you and help us better serve your needs. Establishing healthy relationships with all our Brand Partners will ensure a strong successful partnership community. It’s also essential for you to be proficient at all our techniques and help us have confidence in your ability.
What you’ll receive: We don’t want you to succeed, we want you to thrive. By becoming a Fresco Harmony Brand Partner we’ll offer you the necessary support to land every FH job.

Here’s what you get…

A. Website acknologment:
1. Now that you’re a FHBP you’ll have a place to send your clients. Each Certified FHBP will have their business highlighted on our Exclusive Brand Partner Page. We’ll include pictures of projects you’ve completed and information about your business to help your clients in your area find you faster.
2. We will only accept licensed, insured, and reputable business. You’re customers can rest assured their hiring a Certified Fresco Harmony Applicator. You Can rest assured that you’ll be in the company of quality companies.
B. Product
1. 10% Discounts on Fresco Harmony product. You’ll have special pricing on all Fresco Harmony products. This will come into play more when the sealer is available. We’re very close to having this ready.
Gallons will be 69.99 Retail and Quarts will be 19.99
2.Every Applicant will receive a 15 Color variety pack of our top 10 signature colors along with 5 others of your choice ($300.00 value). This will aid in creating a substantial sample collection making FH easier to sell.
C. Marketing Materials
3. you’ll receive 100 brochures and 50 color charts to start with. You’ll have access to the brand as a Certified Applicator of Fresco Harmony and be able to use our Registered Trademark logo for all your business needs.

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